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Project Information Management System


PIMS (Project Information Management System) is best described as a concept for information sharing and storage in projects. It is designed to satisfy management information needs, as well as meeting project requirements for detailed data capture.

PIMS includes functionality for both technical and commercial information, and benefits from the ability to produce joint reports. It supports use across traditional organizational interfaces and promotes interaction between multiple parties in a project.

PIMS Modules


PIMS is specifically designed for implementation through custom fitting. Its basis consists of a data model, definitions and philosophy. Client needs defined through roles and responsibility, business practices and project requirements are incorporated using additional connected registers, reporting and terminology. The Pims concept is highly scaleable, and fits multi billion NOK oil field developments.


  • Supports a co-ordination role (typically Operator/EPCS contractor)
  • Focuses on project control
  • Controls contractors and suppliers
  • Allows easy access to project information
  • Supports efficient work flow
  • Aggregates information for decision support
  • Shares information across company boundaries
  • 15 years of successful implementation
  • Over 10 000 users world wide
  • Built on standard Microsoft products
  • Web-enabled

PIMS is built in modules and has all the functional requirements for a total project control system. However, in some settings adequate systems are already implemented. Since PIMS is built up using modules and easy to integrate with other systems, it allows the project to choose only those modules required.

Project Control

  • Estimating
  • Change and trend Management
  • Baseline Update, cost control and forecasting
  • Cashflow and Income
  • Owner split
  • Currency impact
  • Accounting & reporting
  • Risk, Opportunities and Uncertainty management
  • CTR register
  • Experience database
  • Supervision
  • Standardised monthly reporting
  • Quantity Measurement
  • Quality Management

  • Procurement
  • Commitment control


  • Engineering Indices
  • Mechanical Completion
  • Commissioning
  • Preservation
  • Document Control
  • Work Orders


  • Team Collaboration
  • Personnel on Board
  • Project Portal

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  1. ton says:

    hihihi… iso belajar pims ternyata ng kene 😛

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