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The aim of completion management is to establish a common project-wide strategy which will enable progressive verification of physical installation work and therefore help achieve a smooth and timely handover of pre-defined systems.

PIMS CMS (Completion Management System) has been developed to assist in this aim. It acts as a computerised monitoring tool to assist the efficient execution of Mechanical Completion, Preservation and Commissioning.


The PIMS CMS system is built up into four logical main modules. It is possible to only use parts of the system or to utilise the whole system portfolio.


  • Proven Track Record – Omega started developing a completion system in 1991 and has continuously enhanced the quality of the CMS system using the experience of the completion personnel within the company and incorporating requirements from our clients. The PIMS CMS system is used by major clients and contractors within the oil and gas industry.
  • Large resource pool – Extensive team of highly qualified MC and Commissioning Engineers/Managers with varying discipline and position backgrounds, all with PIMS CMS experience.
  • Adaptability – Easily adaptable to suit individual client & project-specific requirements.
  • Based on Standard Microsoft Technology – Easily interfaced with other software /systems, ie. Smart Plant, SAP etc.
  • Global Presence – Offices and personnel located on multiple continents; multilingual resources.
  • Powerful Report Generator – Extensive suite of standard built-in professional status reports. It is also simple to adapt and produce additional reports.
  • Support – 24/7 support for clients/projects globally
  • Training – Omega provides customised training courses including classroom courses, on-site courses and e-learning courses.

Functionality – Main Components

  • Linking & direct downloading from all main engineering registers.
  • Status logging against each tag, cable, test pack, loop, etc, based on verified MC documentation.
  • Extensive handling and administration facility punch list / carry over work items.
  • Status reporting as required; by system, area, contractor, etc. in both graphical and tabular formats.
  • Can be interfaced with contractor’s own management systems for status updating.
  • Automatic generation of all MC certificates and ability to customise to project/client requirements.
  • Integration with construction schedule and progress reporting.
  • Query system for tracking SQ’s/TQ’s/DCN’s, commissioning queries, engineering data errors, etc.
  • Develop and maintain dynamic commissioning procedures including activities, estimates, vendor callouts etc.
  • PIMS CMS is a scalable system. Either select to implement all the functionality the system offers or only the parts that are relevant for the project. Has the capacity to easily handle data from one tag to millions.

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