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PIMS CMS : Preservation


Preservation is the preventive maintenance carried out on equipment before it is taken into operation. In order to follow up preservation activities in accordance with manufacturers requirements (important to maintain guarantee validations) and in an organised manner, the PIMS CMS Preservation module has been developed and used successfully on a number of projects. The PIMS CMS Preservation module is used for the administration of the periodic preservation requirements of equipment and systems and to record preservation status and history.


The PIMS CMS Preservation module allows the user to define the preservation requirements and the start date for preservation to commence. Based on the periodic intervals set for each preservation activity, PIMS CMS will generate a weekly report of preservation actions. The PIMS CMS preservation module contains a suite of preservation checklists but also contains a user friendly interface for inputting additional checklists and vendor requirements.

The PIMS CMS preservation system includes:

Setup of Preservation Maintenance checklists
A user friendly interface for editing checklist content, input of additional checklists and vendor requirements. To the right is an example of a preservation checklist for Electric Motors.

Activate items in the preservation programme (i.e. start preservation date)
A direct access to Engineering/Mechanical Completion data source makes it easy to include/add tags to the preservation program. Simply fill in data like preservation start, checklist and responsible. The ‘Stop Preservation’ field controls when the object is deleted from the preservation program.

Produce the weekly preservation work lists
In the ‘Weekly Worklist’ form, a ‘Common Task’ generates the list for the selected period. Reports showing the data can be printed directly from the form (see example).

Input preservation status and any negative findings. After the inspection round, any negative findings must be registered in PIMS CMS along with reason identified.
The findings are categorized as category A or B. When a finding is corrected, it is just a matter of entering a cleared date.

Produce/issue weekly and monthly preservation reports.
PIMS CMS Preservation offers several reports for weekly and monthly reporting. E.g. Preservation Status By Commissioning Pack or Module, Preservation Findings By Commissioning Pack or Module.

System Features

The PIMS CMS Preservation module contribute to:

  • A smoother commissioning phase
  • A trouble-free start-up
  • A stable initial operation of the plant

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