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Cut off Progress every week

To easy monitor fabrication and installation progress in manufacturing company, they sometimes decide to do cut off  every spesific time. It can be do daily, weekly or hourly and etc based on company procedure and requirement.

If you ever worked using primavera (more information about primavera, please visit this URL or microsoft project (click Microsoft Project), planner, people who have task to plan split big job to small job and identifing job activity when this job can be started and can be finished. They should make estimate the job. I think this job not easy based on the planner experiences.

On Primavera, a project is devided by some sub function and activity ID. Every activity id consist the unique job to a object or group of objects. Example Fabricate Pipe spools material Carbon steel on area cellar deck. This is a simple example of a activity id, what is job category ?, what material ? what is type of material, where is material located?. I think activity id can be customized by project requirement.

The procedure mentioned that production engineer have to report progress to planner. The report consist detail progress with spreadsheet format and formal report show percentage of progress each activity ID.

After that, planner should be fit with previous progress, the progress have to same with previous cut off or higher. Impossible if current progress less the previous time.

After comparing, this guy have to fill on primavera, how many percent completed this activity ID. So management or client can see progress and update progress.


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