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Construct SIM

This software is released by Commonpoint ( more futher information please visit URL ConstructSIM).
Main feature of this software is visualization object specific on piping engineering discipline. Same like PDMS maybe, but this software has unique functionality.
In setup, PDMS can be a data source of ConstructSIM. PDMS generate file and ConstructSim read that file , parsing and entry this data into database.
Database of this software still using Microsoft Access, And I don’t know about the new release, maybe Microsoft SQL Server.

This software is used for :
– Monitoring progress for Piping discipline, of course the progress showed with visualization, If in manufacturing or construction company, it is used to monitor isometric/spool progress.
The sequence activity can be divided :

  • Material Available
  • Material Delivered
  • Cut
  • Fit up
  • Weld
  • QC Acceptance
  • Painting
  • Sent to Laydown
  • Hung
  • Fit Up in the field
  • Weld in the field
  • QC Acceptance in the field

This activity can be showed with different color, there is a legend.

– Create Installation workpack
Workpack is group of work that are planned by production engineer or planner or designer, this workpack will be done in the yard. Of course, this workpack have to suit with construction approach and schedule strategy. A workpack can be consisted some isometric drawing or only one spools or valve.

– Data source to other database
If on company has some software and database, and they need data source about spools, isometric, support, valve and etc (all of component on piping discipline), you can setup a connectivity with ConstructSIM. You have to configure some setting and replication or migration between constractsim and the other software.


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2 Responses

  1. Kenny Kelly says:

    Who are you? Who do you work for? I’m an original member of CommonPoint and now work for Bentley. I like what you posted, and assume you work for JRM in Batam.

    You are exactley right. ConstructSim can be configured to import data from other sources. CAD, Line List and even progress measurement systems. The new release has the same capabilities, but a much more robust graphics engine. The new release capitolizes on Bentley’s microstation kearnal.

  2. Kenny Kelly says:

    correcting my email

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