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Completion System : CMS (Completion Management System)

There are some softwares about completion system have been released from some developer consultants, we know CMS, WinPCS, ProCoSys, ICAPS, iDUMP, etc. The main function this software is for maintain and monitoring mechanical completion, pre-commissioning and commissioning process. And do handover of work from contrator to client.

CMS (completion management system), this software have been released by Omega Norway, This software already used by many companies in the world. Conocophilips,  McDermott,  Clough, Prosave and etc.

The content of CMS are :

– Data Engineering Register
This data is provided by engineering company of client, all of tag no shall be registered to CMS before they are used in the next process.

– Mechanical Completion
In the completion process, contractor and client do mechanical completion about all of tag no that registered in the data engineering register.
This process have to be done by contractor and should be approved by client. This function is for test a tag no running well based on the requirement. If test fail, it can be filled as punch list, and it should be tested again.

– Preservation
This feature is used to generate plan activity report to preserve Mechanical object with schedule that already setup. This mechanical should be preserve every a week or 2 week etc with some checklist activities.
So we will know status of mechanical day by day. If we found some defect or damage, we can register that to a punchlist under contractor, or under vendor.

This step concern on the handover each subsystem and system that already setup in the project.
Every subsystem and system have to be approved by contractor and client that the subsystem/system already completed (all of mechanical completion, punchlist, SI, SQ and etc already completed). And all of data of this have to be generated to a Dossier. So contractor or client have a reference about that.

I think this step not more difference with commissioning process.

I think this software very powerful on the CMS features are :
– Reporting, this software very concern on the reporting progress, data register and something that need to be reported to project.
– Easy to be customized, form and report can be changed and revised easily based on project requirement.
– Easy to be used, I think this software very user friendly, data is showed by report and form.
– Easy to maintain, database can connect with other application and database, so we can redevelop if company need to create a project integrity.

As I know that the first version of CMS is developed using Microsoft Access 97, Visual Basic Application programming module, Appframe component, and database SQL server. We know that because in my company ever used this version. Currently my company still use CMS CR1, this version developed by Microsoft Access 2000 and VBA, database SQL Server too.

And I heard from my friend, currently Omega has been released new version of Omega. CMS CR3 using Microsoft .NET winform. And the previous version, they have CMS web application too.


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