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CMS on Citrix

A company can have a procedure that all of desktop softwares (windows form) have to be included in Citrix, do you know about Citrix, please visit this URL Citrix. It can be called a media to maintain user permission to access some software. Sometimes if we have dekstop software that can be accessed by multiuser, we create shared folder and put the program in this folder, so this software only can be accessed by spesific user.

With using Citrix, IT administrator can be easy to maintain permission each user. They certainly feel confused if they have to maintain many users can access many software. Citrix have some metaframe server, this server to handle season every user enter the citrix system. A server only can handle not more 50 users, so we have to provide many server if company has many users.

In the user side, we can access software very easy, just click menu in the below corner and select program that we want.

But in the CMS CR1 use under citrix has some advantages and weakness.
The advantages:
– Easy to access by user,
– Easy to install and maintenance by admin, just install in client and setup profile user in the citrix service server.

Weakness :
– Company have to provide more servers if they have many users,
– User will be difficult to access if traffic of citrix access busy, we should wait untill traffic low.


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