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DoktorWare – Clinic Management System 1.0

DoktorWare – Clinic Management System – HIPAA Compliant

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ICD and CPT support
HL-7 Compatibility
Automatic Appointment Reminder
Online appointment and registration request
Complete patient history
PDR for Drugs and Diseases
Transcription support
PDA Integration
EDI Integration(ANSI ASC X12 835 and 837)
Batch Bill and Claim Generation
Backup facility for Database and EMR
Print/Fax/Email facility for all reports
Custom Report Generator
Audit trial
Advanced search options
Automatic BMI and BSA calculator
Patient can communicate with doctor through web

== Security ==
System wide security to address Privacy & Security compliance for HIPAA.
User password controlled and administrator controlled modular access

== Professional Solution ==
Save time of patients as well as emloyees.
Helps in effective use of hospital resources.
Increased patient care and satisfaction.
Leads towards paper-less workflow.
Instant and Accurate access to patient data/recors.

== Economic Solution ==
Coder Department can be eliminated through DoktorWare prescription facility.
Avoid clearinghouse expense by automated sending/receiving insurance claims.
Less manpower requirements in whole departments.
== Advantages ==
Complete interfacing of all clinic functions allowing for better coordinated patient care.
Perpetual tracking of patients, employees and medical records for more accurate information management.
Integration of transcription system leading to cost minimization.
Consolidation of activities leading to efficient time management.


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