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How to Use Adobe Photoshop CS2, by Daniel Giordan

How to Use Adobe Photoshop CS2, by Daniel Giordan | 35.85 MB
Sams; 2 edition (August 5, 2005) | ISBN: 0672327511 | chm | 320 Pages

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Book Description
Have you ever looked at your color pictures and wished you could make them black and white? Or maybe you’ve dreamed about taking that photo of your brother, cutting the head off and placing it on the body of a grizzly bear. The tool that you need is Adobe Photoshop and the book you need to learn all about it is How to Use Adobe Photoshop CS 2. Visually step through the process of creating images, manipulating them and then optimizing them for print or the web. The step-by-step approach used throughout the book will make it simple to learn the basic techniques involved in using Photoshop. You will learn to:

Convert files
Work with tone and color
Edit images using tools, paths and layers
Build web files
Master the basics of Photoshop with the visual examples and easy-to-follow lessons in How to Use Photoshop CS 2.

About the Author
Daniel Giordan is an artist and designer who works as the Design Director for AOL Web Properties, coordinating publishing designs for online properties such as Netscape, CompuServe, MapQuest, AIM, ICQ, and others. Giordan is the author of several bestselling graphic design titles, including The Art of Photoshop from Sams Publishing. His artwork has been exhibited at The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and in galleries throughout New England, including Stux Gallery, Boston University, and Yale University.


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